St. Thomas has a vibrant youth group,  active in community service.  Our high school age youth group program provides students with gospel based tools to help them navigate the challenges they face in their lives TODAY.

The High School Youth group meets during the Sunday Church service at 9:45.  We have a curriculum that parallels the gospel or current events of the time, that starts with a quick story or survey, which leads to group discussion that affects their lives NOW!  This usually wraps up with actual verses from the bible that we have to find and read aloud!  Our youth are very involved with outreach and activities and there are usually announcements and planning to wrap up our time together.  We have cleaned up our church gardens, slept over and made hoagies as a fundraiser to feed the homeless, spent evenings playing gaga and eating pizza, shopped for the food pantry and volunteered at our Vacation Bible School.  Some of our youth have participated in diocesan youth activities and performed mission trips domestically and abroad.  Dr. Mattei leads the group, with support from all the parents for these activities.   Some of our seniors and graduates lead the group some Sundays.   There is room to grow and opportunities for service and leadership for high school age students and their friends.